Friday cocktail: Raspberry Fizz

FIVE reasons to drink a Raspberry Gin Fizz this evening It’s Friday It’s a beautiful hot sunny Friday It’s a beautiful hot sunny Friday and the garden is in flower It’s a beautiful hot sunny Friday and rain is forecast for Bank Holiday Monday I can think of no good reason not to drink aContinue reading “Friday cocktail: Raspberry Fizz”

An Ordinary Week

Reading blogs from around the world and particularly prompted by Sarah’s post Finding Your Normal, makes me aware of just how differently we live. Your normal, ordinary day is my extraordinary. Sarah knits with a lamb by her side as she waits for her cheese to set; Glenda has bucket loads of passion fruit toContinue reading “An Ordinary Week”

In My Kitchen – March 2015

In my kitchen … … making blood orange jellies with orange and lemon juice, sugar, water and some gelatine leaves with a splash or two of Slamseys Marmalade Gin. A perfect mid-week pudding when we just want a spoonful or two of something sweet. In my kitchen … … muffin making. Not sweet American muffinsContinue reading “In My Kitchen – March 2015”