simple pleasures for August

abandoned secateurs

Clearing the decks.

The flower garden has peaked and is now filled with blooms in varying stages of decay. There are plants to cut back and seed heads to gather or shake around the flower beds.


Enjoying the transition to late summer.

The artichokes are turning from regal purple to autumnal brown


and the rhubarb is slowly wilting as its leaves are coloured with bright reds and yellows.

blackberry and lemon posset

Picking blackberries.

The first blackberries of the year have been picked from the short stretch in Great Forest field, where they ripen a week or so before the rest, to eat by the handful or use in new recipes.

iced plum gin


Drinking Iced Plum Gin.

We picked the first plums of the year, though not from our garden where the plums are still hard as rocks. Most of them are destined to make Slamseys Plum Gin but I managed to divert some to the kitchen for compotes and a rather tasty granita. For some reason, I’d never made granita before, which is rather foolish as it’s simple to make and tastes great, especially in a shot glass with Plum Gin poured over to make a sort of adult slushy drink.

What are your simple pleasures for August?

Are you looking forward to spring or making the most of summer days?