Christmas tree

Carrying home the Christmas tree

No matter how prepared we think we are, the first day of selling Christmas trees always sneaks up and almost catches us out. All week Bill and Jack have filled the Christmas Tree Barn with trees, set out the tree stands  and hung up the first wreaths  on the display board. There was a slight panic today when we couldn’t find the Christmas lights but now everything is in place ready to open the Christmas Tree Barn tomorrow for the 2016 season.

It’s good to welcome back old customers and meet new ones, especially when they’re a new generation of families that have been coming here for decades though it makes me feel old when a proud mother wheels in a pushchair and it feels hardly any time since her mother did the same thing.

New customers, particularly those who’ve never bought a real Christmas tree before, often phone us before they visit as they worry about how they’ll transport their tree home. We explain that once a tree is netted, it doesn’t take up much room and unless it’s particularly large it will probably fit in their car, especially if the back seats can be laid flat. That said, we’ve seen trees disappearing down the drive in many different ways.

carrying home the Christmas tree

One year, a chap turned up on a bicycle and strapped the tree to his saddle and wheeled it away (though he hasn’t been back with his bike since). There are a few families who regularly walk here and carry their tree back between them, some people arrive in a large van while others tow a small trailer. Possibly the most romantic, especially if there’s snow, is the family that pile into a trailer that’s towed by a vintage tractor.


Convertible cars seem another popular option; once the roof is lowered, the tree can be slid into the front seat and safely strapped into place. Unfortunately, this usually means the passenger has to walk home.


Carrying home the Christmas Tree on a Land Rover

But for many people, the only way to carry home the Christmas Tree is to strap it to the top of the car. Christmas music playing on the stereo is compulsory along with Christmas jumpers and festive hats.

If you’re planning to get your tree soon, there’s some tips below.

how to choose a wonderful Christmas tree


Do you have a preferred way to carry home your Christmas Tree?

Or maybe you have an artifical tree or don’t have one at all.

Do tell.