more random thoughts …


trees in January

Random thoughts on a slightly bleak January day.


1. What did the cheese say when it looked in the mirror? Hallo Me. I am making halloumi cheese using a kit that I was given for Christmas. The ingredients are minimal but the instructions long. There appears to be a good deal of waiting for things to happen. With luck it will happen.


2. I have staggered back from the library with a bag full of books. If the blurb on the back of the books is to be believed, then in time I shall be master of mixed media techniques, fabric art, metal clay jewellery, knitted pets, colour in the home and aboriginal art. All in the three week loan period.


3. What is the point of three quarter length sleeves on jumpers and how have I managed to buy jumpers without proper length sleeves?


4. January can be a cold and grey month. The wind is blowing outside and seems to find its way through every crack betwixt frame and window or door. I am wearing muffatees as I type because it is so cold and draughty (see number 3 also). If you’d like to know more about muffatees, Annie gives an excellent description here, together with a pattern should you wish to knit your own. Muffatees are superior to my fingerless mittens because they don’t have a proper thumb and so can be pushed back to act as wristwarmers without an empty thumb waggling around. Perhaps muffatees are of little interest to you if you’re sweltering in midsummer heat, but they’re a very useful addition to the layers of clothing needed when working all day in a large, unheated barn*. My tip for knitting muffatees is to use an i-cord bind off as it looks neater and wears better than a normal bind off.


5. Since my last “random” post, more blogs have disappeared. As I don’t travel to work on a train or wait in the car for schoolchildren, I see little attraction in Facebook or Instagram, which is where I suspect some of the bloggers have migrated too. Perhaps some new ones will show up. Any suggestions?


6. A brisk walk on a cold windy day lifts the spirits and frees the mind. I have my best ideas on a good walk, though on a day like today my brain is used mainly to avoid slipping over on a muddy track.


7. The tomatoes in the greenhouse are not going to ripen and should have been cut down months ago. The sight of dead tomato plants still tied to the canes in January alongside the vibrant green of the weeds growing next to them is not the sign of a good gardener.


8. The days are getting longer. Hurrah! Soon be spring.




*Despite my best efforts to spend December in the warmth of The Barley Barn, I was (apparently) more useful in the Christmas Tree Barn and so instead of selling pretty baubles and gin I was stuck in a big unheated barn standing on a cold concrete floor.