late December

In contrast to the beautiful Summer Colour photographs that Jane posted at The Shady Baker, here are my equivalent December pictures.

broad beans

Broad beans pushing up through the earth. Now that the shortest day and longest night of the year have passed,  a glimmer of hope that the dark mornings and evenings will soon be brightening and plants will eventually spring to life.

Great Forest December

The track behind our house. Still wet and muddy.

tomatoes from greenhouse Dec

Tomatoes. Sometimes there is value in being a lazy gardener who doesn’t cut down the dying plants. These tomatoes were still hanging on. If they ripen, maybe we’ll be able to eat home grown tomatoes over Christmas.

mince pies with crumble topping

Mince pies made with Green Tomato Mincemeat, topped with coconut and almond crumble.


No decorations yet, but there’s plenty of ivy ready to be cut down to bring into the house on Christmas Eve.

Not long to go now …