the cockerel has a new harem

    Hen numbers have dwindled during the winter so that since Christmas, Nickel Arse the cockerel had only one little wife to run along beside him. With spring just around the corner and news that a local farm was clearing out a batch of their free range hens, it seemed an ideal time toContinue reading “the cockerel has a new harem”

the garden in August

This is the time of year when the garden is at its most productive. There’s plenty to harvest, successional sowing means the next flush is coming up behind and plants for winter are established and full of promise. The cherry plums have been eaten, the Czar plums are just starting to ripen and every dayContinue reading “the garden in August”

shades of grey

The colour of January this year. Shades of grey. A grey sky over Gardeners Field brings to mind the saying Mackerel sky, mackerel sky Never long wet, never long dry Very true that day. The grey guinea fowl congregate on fences or sit alone silhouetted on the top of the barns calling to their mates,Continue reading “shades of grey”