shades of grey

The colour of January this year.
Shades of grey.


A grey sky over Gardeners Field brings to mind the saying

Mackerel sky, mackerel sky
Never long wet, never long dry

Very true that day.

The grey guinea fowl congregate on fences or sit alone silhouetted on the top of the barns calling to their mates, too stupid to fly down to find them.

Even the little figurine for the galette des Rois had shades of grey.

The rain saturated fields have small ponds forming in low lying areas and the footpaths that were pounded by hundreds of Christmas walkers have deteriorated into a slippery muddy mess with dingy grey puddles.

But come the evening, I can light the fire and sit with a glass of hot, spiced cider with blackberry gin and bring a little colour to the day. And as I flick through the internet, I’m thankful that we haven’t been affected by the dark swirling waters that have flooded homes and marooned isolated farms and communities in some parts of the UK or that I’m not with Cecilia at The Kitchen’s Garden,  grappling with the cold icy snow of America or with Fiona at Cattle, Kids and Chaos in the hot, dry dust of drought affected Australia.


Sometimes, grey is okay.