the garden in May



Smelling: lilac

Sowing: runner beans, French beans, carrots, beetroot and salad leaves

Harvesting: asparagus and rhubarb

Watching: parsley and chard go to seed

vegetable garden in May

Some years our vegetable planting is planned in January, seeds are bought in good time and diligently sown in gutters in the greenhouse or in well prepared seed beds in the garden. But some years, there are so many distractions that planning and forethought go out of the window. 2015 is proving to be one of those years.


We sketched out the planting plan on the back of the envelope back in January but the envelope inadvertently disappeared into the recycling bin so everything has been sown a little haphazardly. Then the guinea fowl decided that Bill’s beautifully prepared seedbeds were perfect for dust baths and decimated the newly emerged carrots and beetroot. Words were spoken. Guinea fowl and shooting were mentioned in the same sentence. Netting has since been erected.


under the apple trees

The flower border consists mainly of perennials and self-sown flowers and weeds. I’m not much of a flower gardener and often mistakenly pull out the flower seedlings while nurturing what turns out to be a massive weed. That’s fine if the weed is pretty, but alas they rarely are. Each May is a surprise as the border erupts into colour, while under the apple trees the forget-me-not and cow parsley push through the long grass.

All with very little effort on my part. My sort of gardening.