cow parsley under trees

Looking for Inspiration


One of the best things about having a daughter who runs printmaking workshops is that I get the chance to faff about with inks and paper and bits of lino. Ruth will call me to say the heating is on in the barn and she’s printing, so why don’t I pop over and join her. Off I trot, put on an apron, sit at a table, lay out a sheet of clean paper, sharpen my pencil, arrange the crayons in rainbow order, set out a neat line of cutting tools, make a cup of coffee … anything but commit pencil to paper as my mind has gone blank. The recent inactivity here on the blog may perhaps be reflected in my tidy and well organised desk. Even the paperclips are neatly sorted into a tin.

I’m not alone. Some of the people who take part in the printmaking workshops arrive with sketchbooks and folders filled with designs and ideas but there are also others like me who arrive with an enthusiasm to print, but no idea of what to print. We need a springboard to find our inspiration.

Looking for inspiration

This is one of the ideas we’ve had for providing a bit of a springboard.

Consequently, taking a piece of my own advice, I’ve been …

West Mersea seaside

taking a walk by the sea,

drain cover

looking down to find patterns,

horse chestnut blossom on grass

noticing the beautiful colour of the horse chestnut blossom blown onto the grass,


exploring the textures and shapes of the stones beneath my feet,

hawthorn flowers

looking up through the hawthorn blossom at the blue sky (but wishing it would turn grey and rain),

inside old farm building

peering inside empty old farm buildings, feeling the texture of the rough walls and watching the dust dance in the sunlight.

a quiet place to sit

Finally,  finding a quiet place to sit on an ivy covered tree trunk surrounded by cow parsley. I now have some ideas running through my mind for printmaking, though I’m not sure it’s helped much with blog posts.

Next, I need some inspiration for supper. Perhaps a walk first …



Where do you find your inspiration?