Going, Going, Gone

Going …

farmyard view

This was the view from one of our bedroom windows. The red tiled building is known as the Chitting Shed. Originally, a cowshed and then used for chitting potatoes the shed is now used for general storage and is where my chickens, ducks and guinea fowl are shut up each evening. The door fell off a couple of years ago and after a couple of attempts to re-attach the doorpost to the wall it seems there are no screws long enough to do the job and it remains propped against the wall.

Behind the Chitting Shed is the Cats’ Barn, so named because that’s where the farm cats were fed and though the cats have long since disappeared, the name stuck. Butted up to right hand side of the Cats’ Barn is the old Essex Barn that I wrote about last year.

Going …

barn roof removal

This month, men in suits and protective masks moved in to remove the asbestos sheeting from the Cats’ Barn. They looked rather sinister, as if there’d been an outbreak of a deadly disease and they were here to clear the area.

Gone …

the farmyard

This week, the roof and its supporting framework have been removed and the view has changed. For the first time in over fifty years we can look across to the farmyard, though of course the view behind has changed rather a lot in that time.

Surprisingly (or perhaps not so) within a day, we no longer missed the roof and it seems quite normal to see across the yard. The kitchen window is below this bedroom window, so the outlook from that has changed too, though not quite so dramatically as the block wall still blocks the view. When that comes down, it really will look different.