An Ordinary Week

Reading blogs from around the world and particularly prompted by Sarah’s post Finding Your Normal, makes me aware of just how differently we live. Your normal, ordinary day is my extraordinary. Sarah knits with a lamb by her side as she waits for her cheese to set; Glenda has bucket loads of passion fruit toContinue reading “An Ordinary Week”

the cockerel has a new harem

    Hen numbers have dwindled during the winter so that since Christmas, Nickel Arse the cockerel had only one little wife to run along beside him. With spring just around the corner and news that a local farm was clearing out a batch of their free range hens, it seemed an ideal time toContinue reading “the cockerel has a new harem”

my commute

Yesterday I helped Beth on the Slamseys Drinks stand at an agricultural show. It took an hour and a half to drive there and made us very grateful that our normal commute to work consists of strolling through the orchard past the ducks as they preen themselves at the side of the pond and haveContinue reading “my commute”