on the farm in July

Great Forest field

Great Forest field *

On the farm, all is calm. Today.  Weather reports are checked every couple of hours, the barns have been swept and wheel nuts checked on trailers. All working parts on anything that moves have been cleaned with the air line or greased or banged with a large hammer.

Little Forest field

Little Forest field

The fields have gradually changed in colour from green to gold and the heads of wheat are bowing over, a sure sign that the wheat will soon be ready to harvest. Tomorrow, all being well, the combine should start cutting the oilseed rape. Life will move up a gear as tractors and trailers bring the oilseed rape back along the road that only last week was filled with bicycles as Le Tour de France passed through. Then there should be a short break before the wheat harvest starts.

hazelnuts ripening

The hazelnuts are ripening in the hedges around the farm. It’s a good year for these, though I know that the squirrels will take most of them before they’re ripen, so I may have to be content with photos.

gloucestershire old spots pigs

The two pigs press their noses to the fence every time someone walks by, in the hope they may get fed extra rations. They’re particularly dirty at the moment as they’ve been wallowing in the muddy water to keep cool.

Meanwhile, Morris the fox terrier would happily spend all day jumping into the pond. A very sensible pastime on a hot day like today.


* You can see this view photographed each month [here]