why you should eat breakfast

Did you know that it’s Breakfast Week? . Breakfast Week is a campaign run by HGCA every year to raise awareness of the benefits of eating a healthy breakfast and to encourage people to think about where their breakfast food comes from. So, why should we eat breakfast? The NHS says “Eating breakfast has longContinue reading “why you should eat breakfast”

a little pot of sunshine

    Digging vegetables from the garden this month involves scraping a good quantity of heavy soil from them. The leeks have their roots and tops cut off and the outer leaves peeled off at the compost heap on the way back to the kitchen, the carrots are dunked into a trough of water (providedContinue reading “a little pot of sunshine”

farmhouse breakfast week 2014

If we ate the same thing for supper every evening, week in week out, I would find it boring beyond belief, yet I’m content to have the same breakfast every weekday with a little variation at the weekends. Strange then, that on holiday breakfast is sometimes my favourite meal of the day with fresh fruit,Continue reading “farmhouse breakfast week 2014”