honeycomb or cinder toffee

Sweet honeycomb is easy to make. Just remember to use a large saucepan.

  • 200 g granulated sugar
  • 100 g golden syrup
  • 1 tablespoon bicarbonate of soda dissolved in 1 tablesp water

Grease a 21 cm (or 8″) square tin with butter.

Put the sugar and syrup into a saucepan and put over not too fierce a heat until the sugar has dissolved and the boiling mixture is medium caramel coloured. Take it off the heat before it darkens too much and whisk in the bicarb/water. The contents of the saucepan will whoosh up so make sure you use a large enough saucepan. Pour the mixture into the tin and leave to set for a couple of hours. When it’s hardened, lever it out of the tin and cut into pieces – though mine always ends up as jagged pieces rather than neat squares. This will keep in an airtight tin for a few days.

crunchie bars

Home made Crunchie Bars

To make your honeycomb into Crunchie-like sweets, just melt some chocolate in a bowl (I like to use half milk, half dark) and using two forks, dip your honeycomb pieces into the chocolate and then leave to dry on some baking parchment. All the splintery crumbs and tiny bits can be swept into the chocolate at the end to make a crunchy chocolatey clump.