egg in a slice of toast

Egg in a hole

A quick breakfast or supper dish. Honestly, no more than cutting a hole in a piece of toast and dropping in an egg. Hardly a recipe.


egg in a hole

Line a roasting tin with non-stick baking liner.Preheat the oven to 200C and put in your tin to heat up.

Cut a thick slice of bread – at least 1cm thick otherwise your egg will overflow – and lightly toast it on both sides. Using a cutter, punch out your desired shape in the middle of your slice.

Take the tin from the oven, lay your toast in it and break a very fresh egg into the hole. Throw the cut-out shape in the tray too so that it browns up a bit. Return to the oven for five or ten minutes until the egg has just set.

Carefully remove from the tin and serve. I like to dip the cut-out in the egg yolk.