Summer Loving

It feels as though summer may have peaked and is about to start slowly drifting away. Time to make the most of the warm, sunny days, to take stock and enjoy some snippets of happiness.

A Summer’s Day

The challenge today on Slamseys Journal is to spend fifteen minutes sketching the everyday and while I’m not going to…

Concertina sketchbooks filled with marks, collage, prints

Finding a Creative Buzz

One of the difficulties with creative activities is coming up with great ideas and completing the project. Recently, I’ve found a new creative buzz for generating ideas.

Public Bridleway sign

What To Pack In Your Rucksack For A Day Walk

10 essential things to pack in your rucksack for a recreational day walk in UK countryside
1 Contact Details
2 Mobile Phone
3 Map
4 Food & Water
5 First Aid Kit
6 Waterproof Clothing
7 Torch & Whistle
8 Spare Laces
9 Scarf
10 Light Shoes