spring flowers and leaves

Spring Rituals

Spring has arrived. If you need dates to fix the seasons, then spring either started on Wednesday (the spring equinox) or on 1st March if you use the meteorological definition.…

Flinders Island view from Castle Rock Walk

Walking Further Afield

Last month, we went walking a little further afield than normal and I fell just a little in love with Flinders Island where the sea is crystal clear, the powdered…

frost on gate

A Seasonal Shift

I find January a slightly unsettling month. After the post-Christmas clear up of the Christmas Barns and the paperwork that has inevitably built up, there’s a distinct lack of enthusiasm…

blank page for January diary

January Diary

Spent last week of 2018 in slothful idleness eating Christmas Day leftovers and chocolates, reading books and enjoying the sunrise while taking Morris Leader of the Fox Terriers for short…

Happy Christmas

  Have a wonderful Christmas. See you next year.

Landrover and Christmas tree

December Diary

As usual, December has passed in a blur and find myself surprised that Christmas Day is just over a week away. How did that happen?

Essex Huffers batch bake

Essex Huffer Bread Rolls

The Essex huffer is a triangular shaped bread roll peculiar to Essex (some might say, not the only pecularity of Essex). Huffers are substantial and won’t fall apart, making them…

knitting blanket with leftover wool

Diary of a Frugal Knitter

January 2018 Decided that house move necessitates major evaluation of clothes. All hand knitted jumpers scrutinised. Any of unsuitable colour, fit or style set to one side despite the time…

leaves on tree Michaelmas Day

Michaelmas Day

Today (September 29th) is Michaelmas Day, one of the four historic quarter days, when traditionally farms change hands and farm rents are paid. The wheat harvest has finished and the…

Jurassic Way canal lock

Walking the Jurassic Way

September is an ideal time for walking in England as the fields are firm underfoot without too much foliage to hinder the way and the days are still reasonably long…