elderflower syrup


A fragrant syrup to drizzle over strawberries or raspberries instead of cream or dilute to make a refreshing long drink.

Elderflower Syrup

Take about 30+ large flower heads, snipped away from the stems and put them into a large bowl. These flowers need to be used as quickly as possible, certainly within a couple of hours, as they go brown very quickly.

Into a large saucepan pour 1 litre of water and 1 kg of sugar with the peel of two small lemons and bring it slowly to the boil, stirring to dissolve the sugar. When it boils, pour the syrup over the elder flowers, give it a good stir to submerge the flowers, cover and leave overnight in a cool place. Next day, add the juice of the lemons and strain into bottles.

If you’re going to use it fairly quickly, it will keep in the fridge or you can heat treat the bottles to keep longer. I put mine in the freezer in different sized containers.

Mix 3 parts elderflower syrup to 1 part lemon juice and dilute with water or soda water to make a refreshing long drink.