The Edible Hedge

haws, wild pears, blackberries, crab apples, rosehips and sloes laid out on table

It is immensely satisfying to walk along a hedge in late summer picking deep purple coloured blackberries and popping them in your mouth or picking enough to take home for a blackberry and apple crumble.

Though blackberries may be the most familiar to us, there’s a host of berries, flowers, fruits and leaves growing in the wild that we can pick and eat. Find a hedge in the countryside and watch it through the year. Jack-by-the-hedge and violets pop up along the verge in early spring along with stinging nettles. In May, the froth of blossom from blackthorn, hawthorn and elder fill the hedge that develop through the summer so that in late summer and autumn there are hips and haws, elderberries, crab apples, walnuts and sloes for the taking.

Read about our edible hedgerows on the farm or follow the links below to discover how to use wild plants for cooking and eating, dyeing and printing.