String Easter Eggs

How to make egg (or balls) from string.

string eggs

The idea is to put chocolate eggs inside a balloon, blow it up and cover it with string dipped in PVA glue. Once the string is dried and stiff, you pop the balloon and fish it out , leaving the chocolate inside and everyone will ooh and aah and wonder at the cleverness of getting large chocolates inside the string casing. Well, I tried to get the chocolates inside the balloons but had to call in help as it was definitely a two person job. I should warn you that a glass of wine, pushing chocolates into a balloon and blowing it up is a recipe for innuendo and silly giggles. I should also warn you that it needs lots of string to go round and round a balloon leaving no big gaps and that you should cut the string before you start dipping your hands into the PVA.

string easter eggs with eggs

I left the string eggs to dry overnight, remembering not to leave them somewhere warm as there was chocolate inside, popped the balloons and hey presto – the chocolates fell out because the gaps were too big. Never mind, they can be poked back in or maybe I’ll just have …

string easter egg

… sculptural balls instead of Easter eggs.