making natural fire starters

Natural Fire Starters



To make natural fire starters, take a heap of rosemary, bay, marjoram, thyme, spruce tree needles and pine cones and if necessary, leave them somewhere warm to dry out. Then lay out a handful on a sheet of newspaper together with a little dried orange peel (which makes an excellent fire starter used on its own). I also add empty walnut shells.
Fold and roll up the newspaper, twisting the end to enclose your dried herbs. When you next lay the fire, poke a natural Fire Starter package in amongst the logs so that when you light the fire, the herbs will ignite and help the logs catch.
You could do this any time of the year. Just select and dry the herbs and use them on barbecues or outdoor ovens. Instead of putting them into packages, you could hang them from a hook or leave by the fire to use a handful at a time.