Friday cocktail: Raspberry Fizz

garden in May
FIVE reasons to drink a Raspberry Gin Fizz this evening

It’s Friday

It’s a beautiful hot sunny Friday

It’s a beautiful hot sunny Friday and the garden is in flower

It’s a beautiful hot sunny Friday and rain is forecast for Bank Holiday Monday

I can think of no good reason not to drink a Raspberry Gin Fizz this evening

Should you wish to drink one too
Slamseys raspberry gin with elderflower presse

Pour a generous measure of Slamseys Raspberry Gin into a pretty glass

Drop in a few cubes of ice

Top up the glass with Elderflower Pressé or Elderflower Tonic Water or better still, home-made Elderflower Fizz.

Decorate with a slice or wedge of lemon.

Stir gently. Sip. Enjoy.

Need a recipe for Elderflower Fizz? You’ll find one here
Need more ideas for Raspberry Gin cocktails? There’s lots here
Have a relaxing weekend.

6 thoughts on “Friday cocktail: Raspberry Fizz

  1. Oh that looks gorgeous! Will have to try it once the exigencies of my £1-a-day food challenge have abated next week. I fear the weather won’t be quite so perfect then but never mind. So nice that it’s elderflower season again. Must get picking! E x

  2. Elderflower season must be short, suddenly my feed is full of elderflower and everybody rushing to make something delicious out of it before it disappears. That raspberry gin looks so good, I would just love to sit with that beautiful bottle by my side, the gin would be a bonus!

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