Diary of an Essex week

bunch of spring flowers

The Essex House at Wrabness

Sister has rented the Grayson Perry designed House for Essex for weekend and invited selected persons to share experience. Delighted to be one of said selected persons and sally forth to wilds of Wrabness. Amazed and entranced by house. Ponder ways of introducing infinity mirror corridor and moped chandelier into own house.

House party sets forth on walk to Mistley for lunch. Soon realise that map dismissed as unnecessary would be quite useful and inadvertently blueblaze the Essex Way. After few miles, decided not to follow leading sisters and cousins through marshy ground but lead renegade group along byway. Slightly surprised later to discover that sisters hadn’t immediately noticed their slightly ancient mother was no longer following. Less surprised when passing zorbing activity that mother expresses interest in having a go. Noted for future days out. Finally reach destination, meet others who had to retrace steps and are now behind us, have delicious lunch and catch train back.

Later in weekend, discover others have spent Saturday night ramming farm gates and thieving. Consult with neighbouring farmers and discover we were not sole targets. Much swearing and denouncing of certain sort of person. Considerable time spent by all over next few days dealing with consequences and building up further defences.

Relieved that expiring central heating boiler in house is replaced as enormous new red monster burner finally fired up. Downside – can hear money burning as each wood pellet pings into burner. Upside – house is warm. Charming young man explains thermostat programmer. Tells me he has set temperature low and I should turn up thermostat over coming days until comfortable ambient temperature reached. Spend next few days turning thermostat down and still hit by bank of warm air when opening door to sitting room. More fine tuning to do.

spring flowers lino print

Join Ruth on tester printmaking course. Told to arrive with nothing more than open mind. And, if time, please bring cake. Spend two days day making artful displays with flowers, drawing, mixing colours and printing. End course enthused and brimming with ideas for future printmaking. Make Steller story of experience. Ruth very critical of efforts and redoes story.

Upset today when Bill finds one of the guinea fowl has been run over and left dead on farm chase. Not overly surprised as guinea fowl have tendency to run towards and not away from oncoming vehicles but would prefer the driver had stopped or swerved to avoid it. Rather wish it had been the jay that wakes us every morning as it bashes its beak on windows around the house. Resolve to have stiff words about road safety with remaining guinea fowl when shutting them up tonight.



You can read the Steller story here.

9 thoughts on “Diary of an Essex week

  1. Crikey it’s all go with you! Am ‘really quite jealous’ about the Grayson Perry house – will have to find a way to see it sometime. Our new boiler works very well, unfortunately the wifi thermostat controller which tells it when to turn on and off is a bit more flakey and appears to get distracted watching YouTube videos – so we’ve occasionally resorted to the big button ‘on/off’ switch. Modern technology eh? x

  2. Wow, you’ve been having some excitement. Sorry about the guinea fowl. That house looks fabulous. I hope you got pictures of the inside, too. I must look it up to learn more.

    1. Unfortunately the battery ran out on my phone so I didn’t get any photos inside! That said, they’re so dramatic I don’t think I need photos to remember.

  3. What a delight the Grayson Perry house is – lucky you! I think we should re-think traditional house building and follow his lead in liberating house design … perhaps starting with all those wonderful decorations on the top 🙂

    1. The chimney pot is fabulous. I wish some of the house builders would follow his lead instead of the bland estates that are the same from north to south. The Essex House is particularly Modern Essex and a world away from National Trust Essex.

  4. That house looks most unusual Anne…or perhaps not? I need to follow the link and do some further reading. So sorry about your guinea fowl, they can be so erratic cant they? Good luck with that new heating.

    1. The house is very unusual Jane with some incredible tapestry hangings inside. Not what I could live with, but amazing for a visit.

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