Night time thoughts

bed with patchwork quilt
Woken at 3am by conversation outside bedroom door as one son returns from evening out and the other sets off to work. Still wide awake at 3.15am. Try to lull myself back to sleep by making lists in my head. Manage to list a boy’s name for every letter of the alphabet, struggle with girl’s name beginning with X. Remember visualisation technique suggested by midwife to block pain and imagine that I’m on a beach, sand between my toes, water lapping gently, sun warming my back … Mind drifts. Which beach? Where am I walking to? Have soon planned holiday in the sun and vowed to take up open water swimming. Remember that visualisation was of little help during labour too.

Try relaxation from yoga class. Concentrate on breathing. Cannot stop thinking about breathing. Wonder what will happen if I stop thinking about breathing. Try to recreate soothing voice of the yoga teacher in my head to remind of next step. Ask myself why I stopped going to yoga and remember that it clashed with netball. Try to work out schedule for doing both and progress to many brilliant thoughts, none of which relate to yoga or netball. Suspect some thoughts may seem slightly less brilliant at 7am.

Drift off to sleep with notion that writing something on the blog every day for a week might jolt me out of my blogging lethargy. Wonder if people might think such prolific output strange but vow to try it. Decide it prudent to keep idea to myself until have actually carried out intention.