wish you were here

Postcards from this week …

above Amberley on South Downs Way

We caught an early train to London, wedged with our rucksacks in a moving mass of grey as commuters made their way to work and we sat smug in the knowledge that we were off to walk in the sunshine. Picking up the South Downs Way at Amberley, we headed up to the hills and away.

museum Singleton

By early afternoon we reached the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum where buildings have been rescued from decay and destruction by dismantling them and reconstructing them on this large site.

seeded leeks-

The museum wasn’t too busy and at times it felt as though we had stumbled upon an almost deserted village as we followed paths through gardens and in through the back doors of houses where fires smouldered in the hearth. It gave me more of a feeling of how people lived than I’ve ever experienced in a normal museum room set and I couldn’t help thinking that the introduction of glazed windows must have made an enormous difference to people.

South Downs Way Beauworth

Over the next two days, we saw villages and farms nestled into the valleys below us and crops at different stages of ripening formed a coloured patchwork that reached into the distance. We ate lunch in the shade of trees as we gazed up at the blue sky and finally walked into Winchester, at the end of the South Downs Way.

Slamseys raspberry gin

Home again, home again, jiggety jig. My favourite drink this summer is a  Raspberry Gin Slush.


20 thoughts on “wish you were here

  1. What a nice vacation. I hope you had good weather. My husband and I hiked in Switzerland and we had some rain, but not enough to keep us in. I would love to get some of those leeks because I would like to recreate a delicious leek soup that I had in Switzerland.

  2. What a lovely thing to do. The Open Air Museum sounds very interesting. Glad you had a good time away from it all 🙂

  3. The weald and downland museum was one of our favourites when we lived in Sussex and I agree wholeheartedly with you about the atmosphere! On mothers day they gave mums a bunch of daffodils. Don’t know if they still do but it was a wonderful gesture.

    1. I wish we lived nearer as I suspect there’s a lot we missed on our afternoon visit. What a lovely gesture to hand out daffodils.

  4. What a beautiful places to visit, love the leeks that went to seed, sounds like a wonderful few days away. Thanks for sharing!

  5. We visited the Weald and Downland museum during the early stages of renovating a previous ancient building. I found it an absolutely fascinating place. The train journey would have given me a great sense of satisfaction too. I did far too many of those as a commuter.

  6. oh! thank you for taking us on that walk with you! how wonderful it all looks, so peaceful. I too would be feeling smug sitting amongst the commuters, knowing greener things await!

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