my week in photos

valentine biscuits
Biscuits for Valentines day

I’ve tried so hard to love Instagram. It’s fun to see what my nieces and nephews are up to even if I don’t understand the terminology sometimes; Nancy’s photos of street scenes from Shanghai amaze me;  the work of Elle as she photographs the process of taxidermy enthralls me. I like impromptu photos. Just a brief glimpse of someone’s life. No need for a long narrative. A picture of a slice of cake doesn’t need a recipe. No need to give detailed pattern instructions for a piece of knitting.
And yet … I’m sorry but I just don’t love you Instagram. Maybe it’s because I have such a lousy camera on my phone that it’s not worth using. Maybe it’s because I don’t commute on the train or bus every day or sit in the car waiting for school pick-up so I don’t have snatches of time that would be perfect to whip out my phone and flick through. Maybe I just don’t want to make the time because of course I could check my phone at meal times, when I’m out with friends or during the interval at the theatre – but hey, that’s a topic to rant about on its own.
It seems the attraction of Instagram will remain lukewarm for the time being. Something to dip into every now and then rather than a “must check” every day. Meanwhile, this week my photos are here and not on Instagram. This may or may not become an irregular feature *.
stable block slamseys farm
The new stable block at Slamseys Farm

hand knitted cardigan for baby
Knitting a cardigan for a baby. I’d forgotten how quick it is.

pheasant feathers
One of the wonderful things about living in the country is the unexpected visitor bearing gifts like these pheasants.

jelly printing doodle books
What to do with all the practice jelly prints. Make little books to doodle in or write lists in.

What about you? Are you an enthusisastic Instagram participant? Go on then, persuade me why I should love it.


 * I am rather prone to starting things with gusto on the blog, which peter out a few months later.