why you should eat breakfast

breakfast week
Did you know that it’s Breakfast Week?
Breakfast Week is a campaign run by HGCA every year to raise awareness of the benefits of eating a healthy breakfast and to encourage people to think about where their breakfast food comes from. So, why should we eat breakfast? The NHS says

“Eating breakfast has long term health benefits.  It can reduce obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.”

Which seems a good enough reason to me. The problem with breakfast is that it needs to be fairly speedy. I’m sure that there are people who enjoy pottering about the kitchen first thing in the morning but for most of us it’s a case of get up, eat and get on with the day. Breakfast becomes no more than a fuel stop as we grab the same thing each morning with perhaps the only variation at weekends when there’s a little more time to linger.

seville orange curd with granola
Breakfast Week jolts me from my routine each January and I try to eat something different each morning instead of automatically reaching for the porridge oats and spurtle. At the weekend I made a batch of granola and instead of just sloshing milk over it we’ve eaten it with yoghurt and different fruit compotes that I froze in the summer.

Yesterday we used the last of the Seville Orange Curd to dollop onto a bowl of yoghurt and scattered granola over the top. It was very good, if not the healthiest of breakfasts.
Below is the recipe I use for granola. I like a loose granola rather than hard clumps so I don’t usually add the apple puree, which binds it together a little. I used to add dried fruit to the granola after it had cooled but now I add it in the breakfast bowl so that I can match it to the topping. Somehow eating raisins in granola that’s topped with fresh fruit seems rather strange and anyway some days I feel like raisins and another I might prefer cranberries. I know, I’m fickle.

granola recipe
Are you a breakfast eater?
Do you know where your breakfast food comes from? The story from field to plate of my Eggs on Toast is HERE.
Five more breakfast recipes you might like to try: