my commute

Yesterday I helped Beth on the Slamseys Drinks stand at an agricultural show.

It took an hour and a half to drive there and made us very grateful that our normal commute to work consists of

orchardstrolling through the orchard

ducks preeningpast the ducks as they preen themselves at the side of the pond

duck shakingand have a little shake

pig sleepingleaning over the fence to say hello to the two pigs, who lead a busy life

DesmondDesmond, the Gloucestershire Old Spots pig

Nelsonand his brother Nelson

(named after Peace-keepers this year as opposed to famous Dictators in previous years)

We know which is which, because Desmond has two black spots, one on each ear

raspberriesand when we arrive at work, after a minute’s commute,

we have the taxing job of picking raspberries in the sunshine.

A post that I shall look back on in November, when we’re out picking sloes with freezing fingers and scratched, cut hands.