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Years ago, farmers just grew crops and raised livestock but as crop production and livestock rearing have become more specialised and diversification means that we no longer depend entirely on the revenue generated by growing crops, the farmer’s job has changed radically.  Most recently, our farmer has assumed the job of Artistic Technician, which is rather surprising for someone who previously showed no hardly any talent or appreciation for anything remotely artistic.

very temporary land art
very temporary land art


As part of the Essex Summer of Art, Ruth has devised a children’s art trail around the farm that encourages families to explore the countryside, find the temporary land art and make their own art by adding to the existing installations or creating a new one.

Make a Point
Make a Point


I should explain that Ruth is very good at creative vision, but isn’t the most practical member of the family and consequently she has spent the last few weeks persuading her father to translate her ideas into reality. Amongst their creations, Ruth and her Artistic Technician have taken a heap of Christmas trees, which had been cut down during recent plantation maintenance, to form the installation by the Barley Barn entitled Make a Point. I don’t know which makes me smile most – the giant pencils themselves or the fact that Bill is now offering Ruth ideas for other installations.

For details of the Leave Me in Nature exhibition now showing at The Barley Barn or to download the Art Trail Map, follow this link to the Slamseys Art website.  #SlamseysArtTrail

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  1. Reblogged this on Beef and Sweet Tea and commented:
    I love this idea from Anne’s blog.

    Forestry is a major fiber agriculture industry in the Southern US. Indeed, we have a portion of our family property in timber. I love this idea of taking those trees removed during maintenance and making them landscape art. In fact, I want this in my yard more than a goat…and that’s a high compliment coming from me! 🙂

    Lovely, Anne! Thanks for sharing!

    *Anne’s blog is always a farm and garden delight. I hope you enjoy her highlight of this delightful farm art idea!

  2. I love the giant pencils. It only goes to show we all have some degree of artistic appreciation and/or talent – some more buried than others, but eventually it will out.

  3. The art trail is a great idea. Kids love trails to follow and things to find – I bet it will be a big hit over the summer. And those giant pencils are fantastic!

  4. It has been great watching the Barley Barn being turned into something so fantastic over the last few months, it is a lovely venue/art space. It seems to me that all of the Wheatons must have creative vision in spades to get this done so beautifully and so quickly. The barn looks like a lovely wedding venue, can it be used for weddings?

    1. We’re using it for our daughter’s wedding, but not planning to use it as a wedding venue because it isn’t easy to get a large number of tables and chairs into because of the shin high beams. If Ruth has her way, it will be used as a giant printing studio.

  5. How fabulous Anne! I absolutely love those giant pencils – very clever of both Ruth and Bill! Enjoy the upcoming week of visitors for the exhibition/art trail/open farm day.

  6. I love it! And the best thing of all is that you need both artistic vision and practical application – I’d say you have a winning combination there that’s more than the sum of the parts – as all genius is really! Fabulous! Looking forward to seeing more! E x

  7. Aw, nice 🙂 My dad, a retired medical (and very practical, no nonsense) bloke, has been finding his artistic side lately too, with a few installations on my parents’ bush block in the hills. Unexpected but delightful.

  8. Love the idea of the art trail. It’s the sort of thing we like to do with our children. The pencils are great! Well done on your creativity (all of you).

  9. I love your art trail idea, wish we lived nearer. What a creative family!

  10. Anne, this is so fabulous! It’s given me lots of inspiration for our own farm – I LOVE those pencils to bits!!! Mel x

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