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egg in a slice of toast

Still on the Farmhouse Breakfast Week theme, here’s something for a weekend breakfast when there’s a little more time to mess about. An egg in a hole.


The egg came from this hen that has laid all through the winter; the same hen that survived the fox attack. My little brown hen has just started to lay again but, so far as I know, the speckled hen with the skew-whiff back end has never laid an egg, possibly due to her anatomy. The other hens have all disappeared down the fox’s throat.

combining Far Blackley

The hens are fed on the wheat that comes from our farm like this wheat being combined last summer. For a change, I didn’t grind my own flour for this bread but bought some good Strong White flour from our local miller. As my sister is one of their suppliers, I buy the flour in the unlikely hope that my particular sack of flour contains some of the wheat from her farm.

What follows is a list of instructions for cutting a hole in a piece of toast and baking it in the oven. Feel free to skip and use your initiative.  If you’re feeling romantic, then use a heart shaped cutter to make this breakfast for your dearest love.

How to make Egg in a Hole

how to make it:

Line a roasting tin with non-stick baking liner. Preheat the oven to 200C and put in your tin to heat up. Cut a thick slice of bread – at least 1cm thick otherwise your egg will overflow – and lightly toast it on both sides. Using a cutter, punch out your desired shape in the middle of your slice. Take the tin from the oven, lay your toast in it and break a very fresh egg into the hole. Throw the cut-out shape in the tray too so that it browns up a bit. Return to the oven for five or ten minutes until the egg has just set. Carefully remove from the tin and serve. I like to dip the cut-out in the egg yolk.

15 thoughts on “something for the weekend

  1. My daughter loves egg in a hole, it’s our favourite easy tea for after Rainbows, dancing etc or just for when I’m feeling lazy. Have to say I’m very partial too. Must try it for breakfast. How lovely your version is though, with home-baked bread and a precious egg from the hen that outwitted the fox.

  2. I haven’t thought of egg in a hole in ages! My mother used to make that for us. It must be frustrating trying to keep the fox away from your hens. We have plenty of fox in the ledge behind our house and since I don’t have any chickens I don’t mind them being there. What I really don’t like are all the coyote we have. The past few years have been really bad with them hunting in packs.

      1. For some reason we’ve gotten an overpopulation of wild turkey in this area which has brought the coyote. They’ve been a really bad problem and the police chief in town has warned people about small pets & even children.

  3. Ah we sometimes do this sort of egg thing on the bbq outside, although your version looks prettier and probably healthier because it’s not essentially fried. What kind of chicken is that beautiful grey/brown one?

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