today …

The good and the not so good on a walk around the farm today. But mainly good.

fox in great forest
Look carefully and you can make out a vixen staring back at me, while just around the corner two fox cubs frolicked together. Lovely to see when they’re miles from home, but rather less welcome when they’re close to the yard and my hens.

wild rose in Great Forest field
Wild roses cascade from the hedgerow, reminding me of Alexandra Rose Day at school when pupils would raise money by holding competitions such as “guess the weight of the cake”

wild rose
and we’d pin a paper rose just like this on our blazer.

duck sitting on nest
Two of my ducks are sitting on eggs. This duck is amongst the stinging nettles in a nest made of down and feathers and every time she leaves to take a dip in the pond, she carefully covers up her eggs. The other duck is in the duck house, where she’s piled up a tower of straw and shredded paper that she sits atop. This morning I found two eggs moved from one of the nests, lying in the duck pen. One had been holed and the contents eaten, the other smashed to reveal a half formed duckling. Crow or rat?

nest containing blackbird eggs

An abandoned blackbird’s nest wedged between a rose bush and the wall of the house.

building an earth bund

Building up an earth bund around the yard

new gate

and installing a new gate to increase security and keep out unwelcome night-time visitors.

ox eye daisies

A sea of ox-eye daisies in the corner of one of the grass paddocks.

Best of all, the sun is shining!